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Helps people to learn to listen to the sermon. 

Each week questions from the sermon will be asked.  To see how well you listened simply answer each of the questions below.  To learn how well you did click the submit button for the answers.

Have some fun and invite others to test their knowledge too.  


A biblical principle is a Bible truth we are to practically apply to our lives.

This week's biblical principle stated: "A holy fear of God guides people into making..."

A.  Promises based on guilt 

B.  Good decisions

C.  Fearful decisions 

D.  Scary movies



What New Testament verse was used as evidence showing the length of time of the famine?

A.  Luke 4:25

B.  Matthew 24:7

C.  Luke 15:14

D.  Acts 7:11


How is our respect or fear of God seen? 

A.  In our church attendance

B.  In our words

C.  In our actions

D.  Both B and C


What does confidence in God remove?

A.  Self-pride

B.  Personal doubts

C.  Fear of man

D.  B and C

E.  All of the above


List one way to begin developing a holy fear of God.

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